White Labeling for Celebrity Brands

Jorge Olson

March 14, 2023

An interview with Sandro Piancone written by Brian Beckley for Marijuana Venture on February 3, 2023

Hempacco makes smokable CBD products for its house brand, The Real Stuff, and its celebrity partnerships Rapper Rick Ross and legendary Comedians Cheech & Chong. All three hemp-based products are manufactured at the company’s San Diego facility, using different flavors and color schemes. A new partnership with legendary entrepreneur Snoop Dogg has been signed in early 2023, where Hempacco will develop his brand of hemp-derived products.

“Each one has their own personality, each one has their own product profile,” says Hempacco co-founder and CEO Sandro Piancone. “So it looks like the same product, but it’s completely different.” Marijuana Venture spoke to Piancone about the differences between developing and launching a celebrity product and a house brand.

To read the full article, go to https://www.marijuanaventure.com/4-quick-questions-about-white-labeling-for-celebrity-brands/

White Label Hemp Cigarettes are the number one CBD business in the country. Hempacco can help you develop your own fully customizable brand of hemp smokables; this means you can choose or provide your own hemp and pick your CBD, CBG, or CBN percentage. You can also select the box, tipping paper, cigarette paper, and filter color and material. Everything about your white-label hemp cigarettes is entirely customizable. Hempacco’s high-speed manufacturing plant is in San Diego, California, where they produce private label hemp cigarettes for some of the most prominent celebrity brands in CBD, Hemp and Cannabis, including Snoop Dogg, Cheech & Chong and Rick Ross brands.

White label for hemp cigarettes is an excellent way for businesses to enter the hemp industry without investing in their own production facilities. By using white-label products, companies can get a product already developed, tested, and ready to go. This allows them to focus on marketing and selling their product instead of worrying about production. With white-label products, businesses can also benefit from economies of scale since they buy in bulk from the same supplier. This will help them save money while still providing quality products to their customers.

Schedule a visit with Hempacco and see for yourself how you can grow. Hempacco can receive your truckloads of hemp and store them in a temperature-controlled 53,000-square-foot warehouse. Hempacco can also produce and ship your product immediately or keep it for weeks or months as you sell your product.

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