Frequently asked questions

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How much does it cost to do private label CBD cigarettes?

The cost will depend on several things. This includes raw materials, the type of hemp or hemp blend, minimum quantity, and the quality of the different materials that go into the product.

The raw materials you need include:

– Hemp
– Filters
– Tipping Paper
– Box
– Master case
– Flavors

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    Skyscrapers NY

    What type of hemp or hemp blend will you use and what is the cost?

    You decide the type of hemp or blends you want to use. We have over $1.5 million in hemp in our warehouse. You can choose to create your private label cigarettes with our hemp or provide your own. We can also blend your perfect smoke here in our factory and keep the same consistency in all your production runs.

    What percentage of CBD will be in my private label hemp cigarettes?

    You decide the percentage and amount of CBD that you want. It can be from a very low variant to a very high one. We can work with you and blend the precise amount of CBD that you want to market.

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      Will you provide the raw materials?

      It’s all up to you. We can provide everything for you, or we just manufacture your label. From the hemp, to filters, paper, boxes, master cases, pallets, plastic wrap, etc. You decide if you want us to do it, or if you want to do it.

      If we provide the hemp, does it need to be delivered in a specific way?

      Or does it have to be cleaned in any way? Yes, you can’t just run hemp in our high-speed cigarette machines. We must clean it and make sure it meets the production specs. Your project manager will give you all the exact specifications.

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      What type of paper and filter will you use? Who will provide it?

      You can use the type of paper and filter that you want to manufacture your CBD Hemp cigarettes. You can provide it, or we can provide it. We can run almost any type of paper and filter in our machines. You can even flavor your tipping paper, filter, or provide flavor crush pellets in the filter.

      What about the cigarette box? Will you provide it? What are the specs?

      The cigarette box can be provided and printed by us, or by you. It can have embossed work, holograms, or any other fancy merchandising specs. If you will provide the box, your project manager will send you a spec sheet.

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        What are the steps we need to create your Hemp Cigarettes?

        The very first step is to speak with us. You can call us or schedule a video call with a project or production manager. Once we answer all your costing, production, project management and merchandising questions, we can proceed with a visit to the hemp cigarette production plant.

        During your production tour, you’ll also see our warehouses that keep your raw materials dry, refrigerated or frozen. You’ll also have a chance to see our logistics and drop shipping operation. We can produce, warehouse and ship your new white label hemp cigarettes.

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          1) Schedule a call

          2) Come visit us at the plant

          3) Work with our team of product developers

          4) Get all the specifications

          5) Choose your production date and make a deposit

          6) Receive samples – before live production

          7) Production of final product

          8) Warehouse and shipping arrangements

          9) Logistics, long term warehousing, and drop shipping

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            You have at your disposal our 53,000 square foot warehouse in San Diego, California, complete with 21 docks as well as refrigerated and frozen storage. What does this mean for you? It means you can store your hemp with us, you can store your raw materials with us, and you can store your finished hemp cigarettes with us.

            From the start of your project you can send your materials to our warehouse or you can use us to source them. We’ll receive them in our warehouse and store them to your specs. When your product is done, we’ll store it for you. Once you start selling, we can ship it by the truckload, pallet, or even by master case to your clients.

            Did you know hemp needs to be refrigerated? We have dry space, refrigerated and frozen. We can refrigerate hundreds of thousands of pounds of hemp ready for production.

            Ready to start producing your private label hemp cigarettes? Call us at: (775) 473-1201.

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